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Concrete Sealing

Concrete Surfaces that Last

Whether aggregate, broom finish, or stamped, a well-maintained patio or driveway is an important investment to maintain. Due to excessive rainfall and freeze-thaw cycles here in the Ohio Valley, concrete surfaces can crack, erode or deteriorate quickly. Cleaning and applying an acrylic or penetrating sealer can greatly improve appearance, retard mold growth, and extend the life of your hardscape surfaces.

Whether you have concrete patio or a driveway that needs some TLC , at Big B Restoration LLC we’re the team to do it—and part of this process is making sure your concrete lasts by sealing it properly.

Concrete Sealer?

Concrete may look like a pour-and-go solid material, and that’s partially true. But, to get the best results from concrete, it needs to be sealed. This process also helps it to resist damage, corrosion and staining.

Sealers protect from all these possibilities, and can even enhance the colors of the concrete.

Penetrating Sealers

These sealers bind and “penetrate” the concrete to apply invisible, breathable protection.

Acrylic Sealers

Water or solvent based, acrylic sealers create a thin film to resist moisture and enhance color.

A Simple Process, Professionally Executed

Applying sealer sounds simple, but it takes technique. First the concrete is cleaned, then the sealer is poured over.

When you hire Big B Restoration LLC, we will bring the equipment to clean so deeply you won’t see a speck of mold or dirt. And when it comes to applying the sealant, we will ensure it’s smooth, covering your concrete surfaces consistently, without pooling or bubbles.

The benefits of sealing your patio and driveway can be summed up in four words:

  • Lifespan
  • Values
  • Protection
  • Resistance

Whether you have an old patio or driveway that needs refurbishing, Big B Restoration LLC is the team for you. With exceptional customer service and years of experience and knowledge, our family loves to help yours to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible with unique and long-lasting patio and driveway sealers. Applying sealer to your concrete patio or driveway is the final step in the installation process and adds five to 10 years to its lifespan! Reapplication can be done every three to five years, and following this maintenance schedule you won’t have to worry about your concrete surfaces falling into disrepair.

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